Trout pin boning to meet trend


Forellen-Abel met consumer demands for processed boneless trout with a new Pin bone removal machine from Uni-Food Technic. 


Forellen-Abel is a family-owned trout processing company in Germany. One of the few in Europe. Their policy is to always supply the consumer with fresh food, and because they continually have the consumers and their preferences in mind, the trout is processed to comply with the output of their choosing, ranging from whole smoked trout, fillets with or without bones, etc., to boneless trout fillets cut into portions. In order to provide their customers with food that is as fresh as possible, Forellen-Abel buy live trout that are kept alive in water basins at the company and taken out according to demand.


The challenge


‘Since we began this business, we always adapted our production to the customers and the consumers.’ says Peter Abel, co-owner and in charge of sales at Forellen-Abel. ‘More and more consumers do not like bones in fish fillets. In standard fish nuggets there are no bones, but in normal trout fillets there are quite small pin bones.’


This prompted Forellen-Abel to find a solution. 


The solution


Forellen-Abel decided to invest in a large, automatic pin bone machine. After testing different machines on the market, the choice fell on Uni-Food Technic and the Pin bone remover 400. 


Henning Brandt, Sales and Service Manager at Uni-Food Technic elaborates, ‘we went to Germany to do a demonstration of the Pin bone remover 400 at Forellen-Abel. We brought the machine, and the factory had prepared a selection of fillets for testing. The machine performed great, and the fillets were high-quality.’


The key factors influencing the choice of the Uni-Food Pin bone remover machine were especially:

·         Trout fillets weighing down to 120g.

·         Pinboning in pre rigor.

·         High yield and almost no pinbones left in the filet.


The fine tuning


Trout fillets can be small and thin compared to salmon fillets and weighing down to 120g. The bones in the fillets are consequently smaller and harder to remove than in salmon. Even though the Uni-Food Pin bone remover 400 is adept at removing the small pin bones from trout fillets, Forellen-Abel had noticed that because of the small fillet sizes, the tail of the small fillet sizes sometimes got caught in the rollers which occasionally caused the following fillets to stop or to fall off the belt completely. 


Forellen-Abel implemented a few changes to get the best possible result on the Pinbone remover. Plates were mounted in front of the rollers and between the in- and out-feed conveyer to keep the very small filet from sliding on the belt. Furthermore, there were plates mounted along the sides of the belt to keep the fillets from falling to the floor.


The result


In investing in a pin bone remover that remove the small pin bones in trout fillets and implementing a few changes to construction, Forellen-Abel can accommodate the consumers and their need for fresh food in the form of their choosing and for a price that fits the market level.  


Forellen-Abel is very satisfied with their decision in investing in a pin bone remover from Uni-Food Technic which has improved their processing flow.