Uni-Food Technic helps Grieg Seafood process 25,000 tons of salmon each year


The Norwegian seafood company has been a loyal Uni-Food customer for the last decade


Grieg Seafood is a seafood company that’s been in business for three decades. The organization is focused on several global sustainability initiatives and hopes to farm 130,000 tons of salmon annually by 2025. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Grieg has more than 750 employees.


The challenge


In 2013, Uni-Food Technic delivered a salmon slaughtering system to Grieg, which consisted of a platform for slaughtering salmon, a conveyor, manual gutting system, and manual grader system that batched the slaughtered salmon into boxes. 


As a seafood company committed to producing the highest-quality salmon while minimizing their impact on the environment, Grieg is always on the lookout for ways they can improve their operations and do their part to usher in a more sustainable future.


The solution


Back then, the Grieg team visited another salmon slaughterhouse in Norway and saw a system designed and installed by Uni-Food Technic in operation there. 


They liked the hygiene design and look of the system and quickly realized that they’d be able to drive competitive advantage and increase the quality of their products by investing in such a solution.


The results


After deciding to invest in the new system, the Uni-Food team came on site to install it. During this process, there were a few challenges that needed to be addressed, and the Uni-Food team stayed on site to make sure the system worked as it should before wrapping up.


Pleased with the results, Grieg is happy to have found a long-term partner in Uni-Food Technic. In particular, Grieg enjoys Uni-Food Technic’s thorough commitment to hygiene, which is their constant focus.


“We keep working with Uni-Food Technic because of the great cooperation between our two businesses,” says Kjell Bjerga, technical manager at Grieg Seafood Rogaland. “Uni-Food Technic does a great job and its employees are very pleasant to work with.”


Whenever the system runs into an issue, the Uni-Food team travels to the Grieg facility to return it to optimal working condition, bringing the equipment and tools needed to perform the service along with them. Uni-Food Technic also brings extra parts they might need, just in case. That way, if they see a faulty component during the inspection, they can fix it right then and there instead of having to return to the warehouse and forcing the client to incur additional downtime while they wait.


Any repair work isn’t complete until the system performs exactly as it should. The Uni-Food team also makes sure everything is nice and clean before leaving — much to the delight of customers — which reinforces the company’s commitment to the highest quality and hygiene standards.


“Being a part of ensuring the production of 350,000 salmon meals at Grieg Seafood Rogaland every day is a commitment we take seriously at Uni-Food Technic,” says Michael Mandrup Hansen, Uni-Food Technic’s Spareparts sales . “If the customer doesn’t succeed with our equipment, it reflects on us. This is why we stay until the system works and are careful to perform service that keeps the equipment running smoothly.”