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Dry-salting unit 2000 DS & DSS

Dry-salting unit DSS-2000 from Uni-Food Technic.

Intelligent salting and spicing with adjustable speed

The automatic dry-salting unit dispenses salt on both the right and left side of the fillet. The specially designed rollers dose a higher, specified amount of salt on the thicker part of the fillet, ensuring a homogenous taste and enhancing the quality of the salting.

The salt can be replaced by spices. In the salt and spice unit DSS-2000, the last row of dispensers can be used for spices, allowing for both processes in one machine.

The dry-salting unit requires a combination of dry salt and sugar. If the automatic machine is placed in a moist environment, it requires a constructed cabinet to keep the salt dosing 100% moisture-free. 


The Dry Salting Unit is a two-lane unit which enables salting on both sides of the fillet.

The machine is developed with an electrical speed control to accurately adjust the speed of the dosing valve and the underlying belt, spreading a specific quantity of salt.

The cabinet in the machine is double sealed with heating elements to avoid condensation.

The machine is constructed in stainless steel and designed in the Uni-Food Technic Hygiene Design. It is easy to clean as the belt is dismantled sideways.

All materials used are FDA approved.

Technical specifications

  DS 2000 DSS 2000
Capacity Up to 44 fillets/min Up to 50 fillets/min
Dimensions, LxWxH 1544 x 2308 x 2180 mm  


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