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Custom processing solutions

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Norbech employee in the process of designing a processing solution.

The only standard we do is adaptable. We go to great lengths to accommodate your needs and create custom made lines as well as individual machines to fit into existing facilities.

Fish processing solutions. Customised.

No two fish processing companies are alike. You differ in size, supply, capacity, etc.

At Uni-Food Technic we know this.

It is the reason that we go to great lengths to customise our processing machines and lines so that you can make it yours and reach your full potential.

We do this because we believe in the difference customised solutions make in transforming your business to higher efficiency and yield and better working conditions.

No fishy business. Just sensible solutions.

We have created intelligent machinery for every part of the fish processing that leaves a low environmental footprint. This makes it easy for you to choose Uni-Food Technic as your partner in fish processing equipment and lines. 

No fishy business. Just getting in touch.


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A Norbech employee at work on premises. .

Make believe. Make sense.

We are passionate about our work and always seek to improve both our designs and our organisation. And we are always looking for passionate and talented employees to become part of our growing company. 

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