Ice Doser

The ice doser is built for automatic filling of ice into boxes with fish.

  • The Ice doser consists of a conveyor that transports the ice from the ice doser tank to the boxes, a dripping tray that ensures ice will not end up on the floor, and a system for automatic dosing.

  • Capacity 500 doses/hour
    Power connection 3 x 400 V + PE, 50 Hz*
    Power consumption 3 kW


    * Please contact our sales team for other power connection possibilities

  • Conveyor to transport boxes to and from the Ice doser

Automatic dosing of ice


The machine is built in a strong stainless-steel construction, and all parts used are made in FDA approved materials.

The ice doser has an ice buffer with a volume of 1.5 m3. It can be customised to accommodate your specific needs.

Service & aftersales

We do not only provide innovative processing equipment, we also provide our customers with service for maintenance of the purchased machinery.

We have created a global supply of spare parts and maintenance for all our products.

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