Water de-scaler

De-scaler 900

The De-scaler 900 is a water de-scaler. As water scaling is a gentle way to scale fish, it is preferred to preserve the fish meat, eyes, and gills.

  • In the De-scaler 900, rotating nozzles apply water pressure to remove the scales. After removal, the scale is transported to a rotating filter which separates the scale and the water, leaving the machine very easy to clean.

    The speed of the De-scaler can be easily adjusted by a potentiometer located on the side of the electrical cabinet near the operator.

    The machine is OPC UA ready, making it easy to integrate the machine in existing data collection systems or to start collecting data.


    900 SDS

    900 DDS


    1 person

    1 person

    Capacity 300g – 4kg

    30 fish/min

    40 fish/min

    Capacity 4kg – 8kg

    16 fish/min

    25 fish/min

    Fish size

    All sizes

    All sizes

    Power supply

    3 x 400/230 V + PE, IB = 42 A

    3 x 400/230 V + PE, IB = 61 A

    Water consumption

    42 L/min at 3 Bar

    84 L/min at 3 Bar

    Water connection

    3/4ʺ, 3 Bar

    3/4ʺ, 3 Bar

    • Single or double de-scaling section
    • Chemical dosing unit for final disinfection of the fish
    • Automatic rotary filter for separation of scales and water
    • De-sliming nozzles

Water de-scaling of small and large fish


The De-scaler 900 can process both small and large fish simultaneously, scaling fish from 300g to 8kg.

The robust and hygienic design makes it easy to clean and almost maintenance-free. However, we do recommend regular service. The machine is easy to use with only few settings.


The automatic scale remover is also efficient in removing slime and bacteria from the fish. It is equipped with a cleaning system that sprays water into the fish, ensuring a clean fish all-round. 

Service & aftersales

We do not only provide innovative processing equipment, we also provide our customers with service for maintenance of the purchased machinery.

We have created a global supply of spare parts and maintenance for all our products.

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