We know that precision high volume slicing defines the earnings, and this is why we design turnkey slicing lines that make the cut.

Precision in every cut with high performance machinery

Turnkey slicing and packing lines from Uni-Food Technic are your guarantee for the efficient, high volume, and uniform slicing of salmon fillets that are seamlessly packed afterwards, resulting in a cost-effective and high-performance production. The slicing and packing lines can stand alone or be part of a full line turnkey setup. The lines can also be scaled according to need.

Precise slicing makes a world of difference when it comes to earnings and profit, and only with machines that make the cut combined with intelligent packing can we provide you with turnkey lines that accommodate your needs.

No matter the size and capacity of your processing plant, we custom design your turnkey slicing and packing line to fit your needs. In every line we invest all our knowledge and flexibility in designing a processing solution that will transform your business.

Explore the line

  • With its 250 slices per minute and different cutting settings, the slicer efficiently slices the fillets according to need.

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  • The six-station packing table allows for the efficient packing of sliced fillets. The table can be scaled according to need.

  • The sorting and collecting station is the expedient handling of packed, sliced fillets. 

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