De-scaling and de-sliming

De-slimer 701 & 1101

The De-slimers 701 and 1101 for whole de-headed salmon is for the optimal removal of slime and blood before and after gutting and before filleting.

  • With special high pressure flat beam nozzles mounted on stainless high pressure nozzle pipes, it is possible to individually adjust each nozzle pipe and hereby obtain the optimum spraying pattern. The nozzles can easily be dismantled for service and cleaning.


    The infeed conveyor of the machine is fitted with 1 set of photocells. The washing section automatically starts when the fish comes through, and it stops when there are no more fish to minimize the water consumption.

  •   701 1101
    Capacity Max. 50 fish/min Max. 90 fish/min
    Water consumption 30 L/min 42 L/min
    Dimensions 3550 x 950 mm 3550 x 950 mm
    Belt width 700 mm 1100 mm
    Motor Variable speed 6 – 20 m/min Variable speed 6 – 20 m/min
    Electrical supply 12 kW, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz* 15.5 kW, 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz*


    * Please contact our sales team for other power connection possibilities

    • Chemical dosing unit for final disinfection
    • Two pipes for inside washing of the fish
    • Photo cell control for automatic start/stop function
    • Head cutting section for two or four operators

Hygienic fish processing with efficient de-sliming


The deslimer ensures that the fish are clean before processing.

The desliming process is divided into two sections: the main wash and the final wash. Each wash is performed with high pressure water. The main wash removes slime and bacteria on both sides of the fish. The final wash rinses the fish inside and outside with clean water. This ensures hygienic fish processing.

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