De-scaling and de-sliming

Handheld de-scaler

The handheld de-scaler is a small and compact machine for efficient scaling of fish.

  • The handheld fish scaling machine is security insulated and tested to 4.000 V. It is well protected from spray water. The appliance can be connected to a grounded or non-grounded wall socket.

    The shaft has four-fold protection with two layers of steel, an insulating compound, and a layer of plastic.

    The ball bearings in the scaling head are waterproof. All external parts are rustproof.

  • Dimensions 310 x 214 x 250 mm
    Flexible length with tool 1820 mm
    Weight 15 kg (without support)
    Motor 180 W

Handheld fish scaling anywhere


The small size and weight of the machine makes it is easy to move and to use anywhere.

It is easy to use with few settings, and it does not require any specific maintenance.


The handheld de-scaler is suitable for the scaling of many fish species as it can be supplied with different scaling heads. 

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