Pin-bone Remover

Handheld pin-bone remover

Optimise yield and reduce waste in pin boning with the handheld pin bone remover without damaging the fillet. 

  • The handheld pin bone remover is made in stainless steel.

  • Weight 1 kg
    Water consumption 2.5mm hose, 305cm,
    1 Bar
    15 – 16 L/hour
    Standard power connection 1 x 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz / 0,8 A

Innovative, handheld pin bone remover

The innovative, handheld pin bone remover is optimal for the manual inspection table or for small processing environments that do not have the capacity for automatic machines.


It can also be used as an inspection tool in large factories for removing remaining pin bones after automatic removal.

The handheld pin bone remover is small and compact, and it can be used for several fish species. 

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