We know that yield and efficiency are key factors in any processing plant and that optimised processes equals less resources spent. 

High yield pin bone removal and skinning excellence in every line

Turnkey pin bone removal and fish skinning lines from Uni-Food Technic can be designed as stand-alone lines or as part of a turnkey filleting line according to your wishes. We custom design your line to fit your needs.

An integral part of every line is the high-performance processing machines and equipment developed to efficiently remove pin bones or fish skin, and both lines and machines are designed and scaled to meet your requirements for performance.

Effective lines for pin boning and skinning saves resources on post processing and provides you with the best result for further processing.
Included in the Uni-Food Technic pin bone removal and skinning lines is our flexibility and agility to help you transform your business quickly and seamlessly, and with our many years of experience we can help guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Explore the line

  • The distribution conveyor effectively distributes the fillets before pin bone removal. The distribution conveyor can be scaled according to need.

  • The pin bone remover NK is designed to remove all pin bones, even in the neck of the fillet, and can be scaled according to need. 


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  • For the manual removal of any pin bones left in the fillet. The guide is integrated for the effective gathering of the fillets into two lines.

  • The double lane skinner ensures efficient skinning of the fillets. Several skinning options available.


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  • The waste conveyor effectively disposes of the fish skin, ensuring a clean production area.

  • The effective turning of the fillets for continuing to the skin check.

  • Manual station for skin check. The skin check can be scaled according to need.

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