We know that quality in every salting constitutes the brand of a processing plant, and we match this with every salting.

Salting quality with intelligent processing machinery and handling

Turnkey lines for salting and handling from Uni-Food Technic are concerned with the superior salting of every single fillet that passes through, and the intelligent and efficient handling of the fish. The turnkey salting and handling line can stand alone or be connected to the turnkey filleting line.


The design of the salting and handling line is customised according to need. This provides you with the flexibility to incorporate the turnkey processing line in your processing plant as you require. 

The automation of your processing processes also reduces the need for specialized labour, providing you with a cost-effective production.


The flexibility incorporated in the design of the salting and handling turnkey lines is a quality that repeats itself in every single aspect of investing in turnkey solutions from Uni-Food Technic. We invest our expert knowledge in your processing plant so that you can spend your time on your expertise areas.

Explore the line

  • Effective washing of the fillets before the salt injection.


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  • The salt injector efficiently pumps brine into the fillets, readying them for the dry salter.

  • The air blower blows the excess brine off the fillet.


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  • The dry-salter salts the fillets and can be used for both salt and spices. 


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  • The conveyor efficiently transports the fillets to the loading station.


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