Salting and handling

Dry Salting Unit DS-4000

The automatic salt dispensing machine, the dry-salting unit DS-4000, is a robust machine that is developed with four lanes.

  • The cabinet in the machine is double sealed with heating elements to avoid condensation.

    If the automatic machine is placed in a moist environment, it requires a constructed cabinet to keep the salt dosing 100% moisture-free.

  • Capacity Up to 88 fillets/min
    Dimensions, LxWxH 3298 x 1679 x 2171 mm

High capacity, automatic dry-salting

The automatic salting machine can easily be integrated into an existing processing line.


The state-of-the-art technology ensures an even salt dosage on top of the product.


The Dry Salting Unit requires a combination of dry salt and sugar. It can be programmed so that the specially designed dosing rollers ensure a higher, specified quantity of salt on the thicker part of the fillet and a smaller quantity on the belly and tail region. This leads to a more even taste in the whole fillet.


The machine is easy to operate and easy to programme which minimises the need for expert knowledge.

The machine is easy to clean and maintain due to the robust and innovative design.

Service & aftersales

We do not only provide innovative processing equipment, we also provide our customers with service for maintenance of the purchased machinery.

We have created a global supply of spare parts and maintenance for all our products.

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